Software for Restaurants.

The best application for restaurants, cafeterias and bars, all integrated so that you can enjoy what you like best, serve your customers without losing quality or control of your business.

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My business in one application!

Take orders from the table on tablet or PC touch

Flexible, agile system that immediately sends the order to the kitchen or bar, while you continue serving other customers.

Personalized notes from your clients

Customize dishes and drinks with notes to the kitchen or bar

It keeps working even if you don't have internet

Keep selling even if you have service cuts, as soon as you have a connection it is updated automatically.

Accept the types of payment you want

You can configure the types of payment you want

Menu de tu restaurante

WEB page of your restaurant or bar

Publish your business with photos, videos, recommendations, menu, etc. Link to your social networks! Capture customers in all digital media and take them to your restaurant!

punto de venta listo para atender a los comensales desde su mesa o en quiosco

Quick orders

Take orders anywhere in your restaurant quickly and agilely with just a few touches on the screen, identify table, area or person. even charge in the same place.

Controla los inventarios en linea y actualizalos automaticamente

Instant control of your entire business.

Updated inventories, instant sales, get paid instantly even if you have internet outages, don't lose sales.

Get ready to stand out from your competition using our system to grow your business.

WEB page that sells and links to your social networks, CRM customer service and follow-up, corporate email ( that gives you a business presentation and an agile point of sale that allows you to sell more!